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Boardroom Services:

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Surveillance Physicals Consulting
Drug Screen/Alcohol Testing AED Implementation
IME/IR/File Review Medical Direction
  Surveillance Program Development

Medix Occupational Health Services is an occupational health provider dedicated to providing high quality and cost effective health related services to our clients. Medix physicians and staff are residency trained and board certified in occupational and environmental medicine with almost 75 years collective experience. We support a collaborative relationship with the employer that enhances worker health and the relationship of occupational health service to the community. Medix provides multiple clinical services including pre-placement physical exams, medical surveillance exams, independent medical exams, file reviews, impairment ratings, and drug/alcohol testing. In addition, Medix may provide worksite assessment, wellness program planning and evaluation, and medical corporate consultation. Let us show you how our physicians and staff can be beneficial to you in managing your corporate health and worker’s compensation programs.

Medix knows that your work force is important to you. Without your employees, no product is made, no service is rendered. Medix professionals stand ready to work with you to protect the health of your most valuable resource, your employees.

Medix has highly experienced occupational medicine physicians and staff who want to work with you to prevent workplace injuries and illness, comply with federal (OSHA) surveillance requirements for your workforce, help keep your workplace drug and alcohol free, help you assess your workers health, and help you manage your work injuries, from the first moment you are aware of the injury, to case closure and resolution.

How do we do all this with you?
In addition to helping you with each employee individually, Medix is experienced in helping you develop and manage corporate medical programs.

Medix has helped employers from the exam room to the corporate boardroom.  We can help you. Medicine at work for you.

Provider Bios

Dr. John D. Kuhnlein
Dr. Robin L. Sassman
Dr. Mark C. Taylor
Roberta Baldus PA-C


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