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Providing high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective occupational health services.

When it comes to your employees and their health, high-quality care, convenience, and efficiency are everything. With over 40 years in occupational healthcare, our providers and staff are committed to getting your employees in and out in a timely fashion (no long waits), to be more productive for you and your business.

Medix Occupational Health Services

Efficient and Thorough Service to Get You Back into the Workforce

Our providers perform high-quality complex specialty examinations to meet our client’s needs. You can trust that we will communicate with you, provide you with information that is easy to understand and scheduling that gives you the most reliable service when it comes to your occupational health care. What’s more? With no injury care to delay your scheduled appointments, our wait times are always minutes, not hours.

We work closely with employers to understand your exact requirements, and customize our services to fit your specific business and employee needs.

Our Services

Medical Surveillance Services

Firefighter Surveillance | Law Enforcement Surveillance | Return to Work and Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Worker’s Compensation Services

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) | File Review | Attorney Consultations

Expert Providers & Staff

Offering the highest level of occupational health services to our clients.

We promise all clients that they will be treated with dignity and respect. That is why Medix staff and providers are known to be the best in delivering high-quality occupational health care to every client that walks through the door. Learn more about us and our providers by checking out our page.