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Do you see private pay DOT physicals?

Yes. We accept cash, credit cards or debit cards for private pay physicals. At this time, we do not accept checks.

How often does a driver need to complete a DOT exam?

After the initial examination, a driver generally needs to complete a physical every two years to retain their CDL. People with certain medical conditions may have to renew more frequently, and this will be disclosed to the driver during their exam.

What happens after the DOT exam?

Drivers who pass the physical exam will receive a Medical Examiner’s Certificate to bring along to the DOT as they apply for their CDL. Throughout their career, they must complete another examination and submit their renewed certificate to the DOT before their certification expires.

What does a medical examiner evaluate during a DOT physical?

The physician will review the driver’s medical history and do an examination for any signs of conditions that may impede the driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. Specifically, the examiner will evaluate the person’s vision, breathing, hearing, urine, movement, blood pressure, pulse, and more.


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