Law enforcement officers (LEOs) face a wide range of physical and psychological challenges in their line of duty. Surveillance examinations help ensure that law enforcement officers are physically capable of performing their duties.

Regular physical examinations help assess an officer’s overall health to ensure they are safe while working and that they are not experiencing adverse health effects from their work, as their work can involve exposure to hazardous environments, and physical confrontations that may place the law enforcement officer at risk. Early detection of health issues allows for appropriate medical intervention and preventive measures.

Medix will work with police departments to tailor thorough and OSHA compliant law enforcement surveillance exams that are crucial in monitoring and maintaining the health and well-being of LEOs.

Our Approach to Law Enforcement Surveillance

Law enforcement surveillance examinations serve multiple purposes:

  1. First, they help ensure that the law enforcement officer can safely perform their job duties for their safety and public safety.
  2. Second, they help ensure that the job is not causing harm to the law enforcement officer and that identified issues can be dealt with at an early stage, if possible, to prevent long-term harm to the officer.
  3. Third, such examinations may also help comply with OSHA regulatory standards.
  4. Fourth, such examinations serve preventive health purposes to help maintain the officer’s long-term health.

The Medix healthcare team has extensive experience in conducting surveillance exams specifically designed for law enforcement personnel. We understand the physical demands and risks associated with this demanding profession, and our exams are tailored to address the unique circumstances faced by law enforcement officers as they perform their important duties.

Our law enforcement surveillance exams may include but are not limited to:

  • Physical Examination
  • Respiratory Protection (1910.134)
  • Hearing Conservation (1910.134)
  • Immunization monitoring
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (1910.1030) Monitoring
  • Compliance with the Hazard Communication standard (1910.120)
  • Other health monitoring tests, as indicated

Comprehensive Medical Surveillance Exams From Medix

The Medix healthcare team is dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of law enforcement professionals. Contact our Ankeny office to schedule an exam today.


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