A life care plan is a document created on the basis of published standards of practice that provides a comprehensive, concise plan for current and future needs with the costs associated for those needs in individuals who have experienced a catastrophic injury and have ongoing health care needs as a result of that injury.

The needs that are addressed in a life care plan include the following (of note, the areas addressed will be different for each case): Further evaluations, ongoing therapies, diagnostic, educational and vocational needs, medications, supplies, orthopedic equipment needs, medical and adaptive equipment, wheelchair needs as well as maintenance and accessories, aids for independent functioning, home furnishing and accessory needs, home and facility care, future routine medical care, transportation, architectural modifications, future medical care/surgical care, and potential complications.

A life care plan is developed after a thorough review of the medical records and supporting documents, interviewing the individual and, in some cases, family members, consulting with treating providers and researching costs and sources of treatment.

Dr. Wenzel received his certification for life care planning (CLCP) from the International Commission on Health Care Certification (ICHCC) in August of 2020. With this certification, he is able to provide the following services:

1) Development of a comprehensive life care plan.
2) Review of existing life care plans for accuracy
3) Provide estimations of future medical costs