File Review can help you understand a complex Worker’s Compensation case. If you are unsure if a case is proceeding appropriately, a file review may be the answer.

What is Included in a File Review

File Review

Medix providers have over 50 total years of file review experience for claimants and for the defense. If engaged to perform a file review, Medix professionals will analyze and review the available record. If other information is required, you will be contacted.

Report Preparation

After the information is organized and analyzed, a Medix professional will review the information and prepare a file review report to address your questions regarding the case.

This service is provided by Medix physicians in both offices, but all appointments and information are coordinated through our Ankeny office.

Connect with a Medix Physician

File Reviews are by appointment only, but other Medix services can be provided on a walk-in or same-day basis. Call for further information.

*Please direct all records and communication to our Ankeny office.